• Stored Xss in Freelancer

    Hello Guys.Hope You are Doing Well Today i am Just Disclosing my Recent Finding on Bugcrowd.I just Founded Stored Xss Vulnerability in Main Domain of Freelancer i.e,

    I Just Reported it and Got Nice Freelancer Swag and Some Kudos I am Also expecting  Reward From Them But AnyWay.

    So, Lets Move on Towards the PoC of My Submission


    1. Login
    2. Go to the Profile and Click Edit
    3. in Bio Section add the Simple Xss Payload i.e,
    4.    "><script>alert(1);</script>
    5. Click Save
    6. Open Profile in New Tab
    7. XSS ! BOOM 

     Watch Video PoC:- 

    Report Summary:-

    Submission created
    2017-03-30 13:31:50 UTC

    State changed
    2017-03-31 06:29:04 UTC
    Freelancer Engineer changed state to resolved

    Freelancer Engineer Rewarded You With Swag 


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